Expert in fruit import

Erex International is a fruit supplier and wholesaler specialised in fruit import directly from the grower. When importing fruit, we believe it is especially important to know exactly where the product was grown and under what conditions. We supply fresh fruit to distributors who have their fruit imported by us. As an importer of fruit we deliver top quality and never keep you waiting long for your order.

Top player in fruit import

Erex International is a major player in the importation and distribution of fruit in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We import our fresh fruit directly from the grower so that we have control over the quality we receive and then sell on. You can therefore count on high-quality fresh fruit. Before the fruit is loaded for shipping from the country of origin, the product is also inspected on the spot. Attention is paid to, for example, the quality and the pesticides used. Upon arrival, similar checks are carried out again, this time in accordance with European guidelines for fruit import. This ensures that the fruit is as healthy as it ought to be.

The second advantage of our direct contact with the grower is that we can place very specific orders. They will be packed precisely as requested, in the required format and the required quantity. This way, the deliveries are well aligned to market demand. As a fruit importer, we do not receive unexpected sizes or types and thus do not end up with unwanted surpluses – this means that we can maintain very favourable prices.

Reliable and safe

We consider ourselves to be one of the best fruit importers in the Netherlands. You can be confident that we are 100% committed to meeting your expectations. Because we make use of the fastest import routes, we can guarantee fast delivery. This makes importing fruit via Erex International a reliable and safe choice.

Do you want to place an order straight away? Or do you have any questions about our range and processes? You can call us on +31 180 72 69 40. You can also send us a message via the contact form. We are happy to talk with you.