Expert in fruit export

With 22 years of experience, Erex International is the party for fruit export throughout the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We guarantee superior quality and supply the freshest fruit at a favourable price. Erex is your reliable fruit exporter.

Expert in exporting fruit

Fruit is a very important ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. Erex International is an experienced fruit exporter and supplies top-quality products throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Every day, we supply dozens of shops and companies with the tastiest fresh fruit via our distributors. We specialise in delivering the right products to the right party – we research your company and options so that nobody has any surprises along the way.

To assure you that we, as fruit exporters, deliver what we promise, we research your company and its circumstances. It is particularly important that we deliver our products in the right condition and that depends on all kinds of export circumstances/ strong>. This way we can guarantee that you receive exactly what you ordered.

Direct import, low costs

We import our fresh fruit directly from the grower. This has all kinds of advantages. Because there is no intermediary, we can keep the costs low. That is beneficial to all parties. It is also easier to oversee the quality of the products. We know where the fruit comes from and under what conditions it was grown – that greatly influences the quality of the harvest and therefore also the fruit export.

Thorough and transparent

We ensure that you receive fruit of the best quality, as it should be in the export of fruit and vegetables. The first step in achieving this is the check that is carried out before the order is shipped from the country of origin. Here it is checked for toxic pesticides and other possible risks. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the cargo is checked once again in the lab, this time for pesticides and according to stricter requirements that are used here in the Netherlands. This check is carried out by all exporters of fruit and vegetables. A report is issued on this check which can be viewed by the customer. As exporters of fruit, we like to be completely open. Reliability is our top priority.

At Erex International you can be certain of successful and reliable fruit export. Do you want to make immediate use of our fruit export services? You can contact us by calling +31 180 72 69 40 or by sending us a message via the contact form. We will be happy to talk to you – we have a passion for exporting fruit.