Your reliable fruit supplier

Erex International is a fruit supplier based in Barendrecht. From our warehouses, we are the designated supplier of fruit throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We supply businesses and distributors with all types of fresh fruit in large quantities, ripened if necessary. With 22 years experience as a fruit supplier we can guarantee you professionalism and quality.

Fresh from the press

We get our fruit directly from the grower, which means we monitor its cultivation and therefore its quality. Before the fruit is loaded for shipping from the country of origin, the product is also inspected on the spot. Thus, we exclusively receive the best fruit. Once in the Netherlands it is checked in bulk, including for pesticides. This is because different requirements apply in every country. When the fruit is up to standard, a quality report is issued that can be viewed by the customer so you know that you are getting the best quality.

For transportation, we work with the fastest shipping lines. That means your cargo will arrive at your shop very quickly. Taking into account delivery and ripening, you should ideally receive your bananas within 2 weeks. As a fruit supplier, we operateparticularly quickly.

Yellow as the sun

In principle, we deliver our bananas unripened, usually when they are bright green. If desired, the bananas can be ripened so that you receive them ready-to-eat and yellow in colour. The ripening is carried out by an external party under contract to Erex International.

Short lines

We distinguish ourselves from other fruit suppliers through our direct contact with the grower. We can therefore guarantee you the high quality that we have become known for. What is also characteristic for us in comparison with the average fruit and vegetable supplier is the continuity that we strive to achieve. Each delivery we supply you with exactly what you want. Thanks to the previously-mentioned direct contact with growers, we do not receive unexpected sizes or types.

Would you like to work with us or do you have any questions about what we offer? As a fruit supplier, we are available 24/7. You can call us on +31 180 72 69 40. You can also send us a message via the contact form. We will be happy to tell you more about our range and options.

About Us

Erex International B.v. Is an international wholesaler in the field of the Import / Export of exotic fruit, which has established itself in the industrial area of Barendrecht, under Chamber of Commerce. No. 53617703Here on our website we will give you a small impression of our assortment.

  • Offers a wide assortment of fresh exotic fruit.
  • We also offer very competitive prices for the highest quality!
  • Service is our priority.
    Are you looking for the best price / performance ratio? Then you Erex International For example, to the right place.